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Nova Cap23 is 4-pcs closure cap which is proper for slim beverage and dairy product boxes with at least 20mm orifice. It has low opening torque requirement for the end user. Also, according to precise bore sealing mechanism, it has a high leakage-proof level with 1bar capacity. 






cap232 The cutter part has 4 cutting blades to cut the beverage box composite foil. Each blade is fully sharp enough with high cutting performance thanks to many technical researches in R&D department like computer mechanical simulation and practical tests. Sharp cutter mechanism leads the product to require lower torque to be opened.





The leakage-proof level has been considered to satisfy the end-user by designing precise details in the product. Bore sealing system and well-jointed threads resulted in acceptable pressure of 1bar. Simply unscrew the lid (cap) in one step to open with low torque, then screw and tighten to close it with reliable leakage level.



Dimension and weight:

Box Type   Resin Sealing Type  Weight 

Cutter ɸ 

 Closure Hole

Equivalent Cap 


Slim  HDPE  Bore Seal  2.90 g   17.60 mm  19.90 mm HeliCap23  NovaCap23