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Founded in 2003, Nekoo Behine Machine Co. (NBM) quickly grew from a small importer of injection molding machines to one of the industry's leading companies. The company's trademark was registered by code number 218761. Today NBM provides an extensive choice of different high-quality plastic processing machineries for its customers including injection molding machines, blow molding machines, auxiliary equipment, and automation systems. NBM is well-known for offering outstanding aftersales services and commitment to customers' rights.

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In 2017 NBM Company entered the plastic cap market by working on its 1st cap which is StarCap1000. NBM cap factory called “UniCap” brand becomes so famous in Iranian market with the StarCap1000. UniCap has already 2 different types of caps suitable for square and slim boxes. The StarCap1000 is based on StreamCap1000 and the NovaCap23 based on HeliCap23.

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